Def and Skeet

Founded in 2012, Anti Radio Underground provides amazing music and articles on the best music you never heard straight to your life without all the extra havoc.


Def aka defango

Webmaster and hacker in arms, this chef has been cooking up sweet treats for all to eat accross the internet for years. A ninja in the underground he has been accross the universe assisting all that see fit.


Skeeter aka skeetron 9000

A man of many talents and philosophy. He has partied with the best of them and always finds himself the last man standing. Music is this mans life and there is nothing more than what he wants to do is talk about it. Skeeter is the editor and chief and we love him so.


Kageurufu aka lord thor

Kageurufu is mastermind when it come to anything that could remotely considered programing. If you can dream it this man can build it for he was seen the codebase of the universe. When he isn’t busy in the 5th demension, he’s rocking out to the craziest electronic music you never heard.



lord of the seas of the underground, gage has kicked it with the hardest motherfuckers out there doing there thing in the underground. like many in the game his words are a force to rewrite the bullshit by hating it without a question. He’s a hater but he’s still a player, but his ear for the underground is second to none